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Welcome to Angelic Light Publications; a division of PEAK InterWeb Design LLC. Our mission is to offer high quality print and publish on demand services to  amazing authors and artists.  To offer authors and artists a continual 60% royalty on all  of their works published by  Angelic Publications. To enhance the world through the wonder of the written word, via print,  eBook and Audio Book. To aid in the  growth of writers and authors. To aid the literary and literacy growth of our nation.

Angelic Light Publications  is a member of ASCAP "American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers". The  purpose of Angelic  Light Publications is to aid those who search to be published authors, without the bureaucracy, red  tape and ties of an anti-free thought  corporate machine.  Angelic Light Publications LLC seeks to achieve this goal through  the unhinged, pro-free thought and spiritually  motivated written word, music, and artistic prints of talented people  everywhere. Angelic Light Publications seeks musicians, authors,  and artists who share in this vision of global  enlightenment.